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Pay with Finquest:
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0% interest later

Worry less about instantly funding your career development by paying with finquest. With finquest, you can start or boost your career by learning with one of our partner training providers and pay back later.

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Our training providers are top class

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What we do

We are an Edu-loan Company on a mission to
empower youths at zero cost

FinQuest Finance is a first of its kind lending platform with financing options to fund the capacity development of undergraduates, graduates and working professionals. We adopt a novel zero-interest financing model to support capacity building of growth driven talents.

At FinQuest Finance, we are conscientious of our social impact and we have made our mission about you. We work hard to provide you with a  flexible repayment plan to suit your financial strength.

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Our Principles, Vision and Mission

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Zero interest Financing

No interest,

No hidden charges

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Capacity Development


repayment plan

Compassionate Finance

A genuine interest in your

career aspiration

Our vision

Our vision is to be Africa’s number one financial support platform for growth driven young talents.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to Nigeria’s human capital by responsibly providing interest free financial support that enables capacity development and career growth.

Paying with Finquest is seamless

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Submit Applications

Hurry to our apply page to submit your application to attend any of our training partner program.

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Phone Chat

Our phone chat is a short screening process lasting maximum of 5 minutes with one of our loan officer.

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Contract Signing

An approval of your loan is confirmed with a contract form that will be sent to your email for signing.

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Loan Disbursement

After executing the contract, your training provider will be notified and payment made directly to the training partner.

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Take the words of our recipients for it

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Associate, HR  & Administration, Greenlight Planet

FinQuest has been and is still part of my career growth. FinQuest made it possible for me to attend Edubridge Graduate Program and Power BI Bootcamp Class by Foresight BI where I learnt HR and Data Analytics respectively. The programs earned me my current employment.

FinQuest stands out for me as an Interest-free Edu-loan company.

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2022 Mandela Washington Fellow

I was relocating to a new State when I came across FinQuest and their Edu-loan scheme. It was a post made by Professor Ndubuisi and I felt this was my best shot at getting a Mini-MBA. 

A call from FinQuest confirming my application solidified my resolve to go ahead with it at 0% interest. It felt so surreal! It was a bet I'm forever proud and grateful for. Education made possible and accessible is what these guys are doing. Who wouldn't want that?"

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Janet Snow

Investment Analyst, P&G

I have been following Tekedia mini MBA programs for months. When it finally opened, the amount to be paid for the course wasn't captured in my budget and I needed an option.

I got to know about FinQuest zero interest loan on LinkedIn, to cut the story short I gave it a try. It was amazing, It helped me split the application fee over 3 months and relieved me of the burden of paying at once. My mini MBA journey won't be completed without FinQuest. 

Thanks to FinQuest Team

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Network Engineer, Plantation Industries Limited

Learning is part of your journey towards self-actualization. FinQuest helped me achieve my goal of becoming a data scientist by funding my training with 10Alytics with their zero-interest credit facility

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